Some of you may be pricing painting projects to a bill of quantities supplied by the Building Contractor.  Here windows are measured in m2.

The problem is, under the New Rules of Measurement, when measuring painting to windows, the quantity surveyor no longer has to tell you the average pane sizes of the glazing, so they will give this typical description:

'decoration to windows, both sides, IRRESPECTIVE OF PANE SIZE'

This differs from t

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For painting contractors, particularly those who are looking to move more into larger, commercial painting works, it can be difficult to know where to start when pricing and there's nowhere you can go to get estimating advice from professional painting estimators........................ UNTIL NOW!

We at are current, commercial painting estimators, measuring and costing painting projects of all types and sizes for painting contractors all over the UK.

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The problem when pricing new build, commercial painting projects, is that more often than not the buildings are not yet constructed.

The Building Contractor will email you the tender documents (or link to the documents) and will expect you to be able to price the project from this information.

In the UK, the usual way to do this is to measure the works from the drawings and to your measure, apply what are known as 'all-in' £/m2 or £/Lm rates. 

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We had this question from a Quick Paint Rate user:

We give a £/Lm rate for painting door frames, but now they've fitted intumescent fire strips into the frame lining that we have to cut in 3 times, would you have rate in mind?

Painting Estimator Reply:

You’re right: It takes a lot longer to cut in to the intumescent strip installed into the frame lining.


The materials part of the cost will be the same:

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