Painting Contractors-Pricing New Build Commercial Painting Projects: The Essentials




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The problem when pricing new build, commercial painting projects, is that more often than not the buildings are not yet constructed.

The Building Contractor will email you the tender documents (or link to the documents) and will expect you to be able to price the project from this information.

In the UK, the usual way to do this is to measure the works from the drawings and to your measure, apply what are known as 'all-in' £/m2 or £/Lm rates.  All-in rates are rates which include for labour, materials and company overheads/profit.

Sometimes you may be lucky and the building contractor has done the measure of the painting works themselves so that all you have to do is 'rate up' their measure (known as a bill of quantities).

So, if you are a painting contractor looking to move into commercial new builds, what skills do you need?

1. To be able to calculate 'all-in' £/m2 and £/Lm painting rates.

2. To be able to measure painting works from digital drawings.

3. To have a knowledge of the various types of drawings/tender documents and what information they contain.

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