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We are pleased to announce the launch of both our new website and Quick Paint Rate software: A very easy to use painting rates calculator software package for painting contractors and painters and decorators generally.

Based on over 30 years in the Painting and Decorating Industry, Quick Paint Rate has been developed directly from our Painting & Decorating Services business which specialises in painting works for painting contractors all over the UK.  This me

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How to price painting projects -Introduction

There are basically TWO methods of pricing painting works:

Method 1:  Estimating/Guesstimating the number of days required to carry out the work and material quantities required.

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This series of tutorials on tendering and estimating training for painting contractors, is for ALL painting contractors who are looking to develop their knowledge of pricing painting projects, increase their turnover and expand their business.

The series of tutorial videos will gradually build into a full tendering and estimating training programme for painting contractors looking to learn about:

1.  Methods of pricing painting and decorating projects?

2.  Ho

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Pricing larger painting projects is very different from pricing domestic works or smaller commercial painting projects.  The shear size and complexity of a larger painting project means that the 'Guesstimating' method of pricing, based on number of days plus materials, is NOT suitable since there is a high risk that your 'guesstimate' will be 'too far out'.  You could be too high, in which case you're unlikely to secure the project, or too low, in which case you may well win the pro

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Quick Paint Rate calculates painting rates to any country's currency (Euros, US dollars, New Zealand dollars, Russian roubles etc.), WITHOUT the need for any currency conversion.

Although the software shows British pounds (£) symbols (It is UK developed) software), provided you enter your overall painter daily charge and material prices in your country's currency, the rate displays will be rates to your currency.  NO CONVERSION IS REQUIRED (Just ignore the £ symbol

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