We had this question in from a current Quick Paint Rate user.

When using Quick Paint Rate, why is there such a big difference in painting rates for a standard commercial project compared to a multi plot residential project?


When using Quick Paint Rate to calculate rates for ceilings and walls, there is an 'Large Residential Developments' option box which can be selected if you are pricing large housing developments (like the ones done by Pe

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Estimator Answer:
If you have used Quick Paint Rate rates to price a project (i.e.you are pricing a bill of quantities or job you have measured yourself), you can also work out the Target Completion Days and Project Materials budget.
Easy!  When you are pricing a job using Quick Paint Rate, you will always use the overall ‘all-in’ rate to price.  However,you also need to make a note of:
1.    The lab/OHP split part of the rate (as

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