1. Getting Main Contractors to Send You Tenders.

This part involves 'leg work'!  As you drive to your jobs keep a look out for construction companies and either go in an speak to the site team or make a note of their office number from the sign boards.  Try to speak with the Project QS or if telephoning the office, ask to speak to the Estimating Team.  Explain you are trying to get on their tender list for decorations packages.

They will probably sen

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I can't believe in recent weeks how many painting contractors  I have spoken to all over the UK  who have been offered to take over a new build housing development because the current painter is getting 'kicked off'.

Why's the painter getting kicked off?

Quality and keeping up with programme of course!!!!

The House Builder complains that they can't get decent painters, but is the painter no good or is it a simple case that in their

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