What is the Daily Painter Charge?

The daily painter charge on which your project 'all-in'painting rates will be based will vary from project to project and is the amount you need to charge per painter, per day to cover the following:

1. Prime Labour Cost (How much you are paying your employees or 'subbies' per day.
2. For direct employees only, an allowance for holiday pay, empl

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CSCS Cards-A True Measure Of Competency?




Posted by The Painters’ QS in Blog for Painting Contractors

Before I start, can I say that in principle, the idea of the CSCS system is a good one.  However, it has a major problem.

Yesterday, I met a couple of painters fortunate to be working on a site where the Principal Contractor does not require CSCS cards.  Each had 15-20yrs. experience but NO CSCS card. 

I looked at their work.  It was a good, commercial painting standard, but with no CSCS card, they are restricted to only being able to work on certain

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Yesterday, I was pricing the painting works on a large residential development for one of our painting contractor clients.  Prior to measuring and costing, I was reading through all the tender documents when I came across the clause relating to Defects Liability Period.

Now bearing in mind that this project has a 12 month decorating program: The clause read that the defects liability period would commence upon 'practical completion of the FINAL PLOT and

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