If you are looking to increase turnover, move your business from domestic to commercial painting, or increase the size of your current commercial painting business, there are a number of things that you need to consider:

1. Securing Larger Painting Contracts:

(a) Ensure you get your company on as many Principal Contractor tender lists as you can.  Keep your eye open for sites and call the company.  Ask to speak with the estimating dept. or surveyor who de

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For larger, or more complex commercial painting contracts, it can be difficult to simply look at the project (particularly if you are pricing to a set of drawings or a bill of quantities) and 'guesstimate' the number of days required to complete the painting works and your materials budget.

Quick Paint Rate now gives you the power to calculate your PROJECT TARGET COMPLETION DAYS and PROJECT MATERIALS BUDGET from QUICK PAINT RATE rates you have used to price painting projects

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Painting Contractors:  Do you want to learn how to measure/cost painting works from drawings (paper or digital drawings)

If so,  give us a call.

We are a current, commercial painting estimating company who in addition to measuring and costing commercial painting contractors, also offer 'estimating training days'.

We are unique in the sense that all of our estimators are from a painting background, so we really do know painting unlike a general Q.S.
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How many times have you been asked to carry out works that are either a variation or additional to the original contract?

You respond by saying, OK, but how are we going to agree the basis for costing?

Typically, particularly if the request has come from the site manager, the normal response to this is

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you get paid:  We'll sort it out at the end"

If you have any sense, you will respond by say

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