As part of our aim to become a ONE-STOP estimating service for painting contractors, we at have developed our very successful painting estimating training day.

Specifically designed to help painting contractors who are looking to expand their business into doing more and larger commercial painting projects but don't know how to price, particularly when pricing new build projects from drawings.

One of our experienced commercial painting estimators

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Painting Estimating Software




Posted by The Painters’ QS in UK Painting Rates

NEWS FLASH! Quick Paint Rate is soon to have a rate SAVE function added.

This means that painting contractors will be able SAVE all the painting/wallpapering rates they calculated in order to price a particular project.

The rates can be saved to the project name so that at a later date, if you need to review your rates, you can quickly find the rates and your rate build ups.

This will also be very useful, if you need to revise any of the rates because since pr

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The Rules of Measurement state that when working up to a height of 3.5m, QS's do not need to separate their measures, so you just use your standard £/m2 rate when pricing.

However, for decoration works above 3.5m, measures have to be separated.

In the old SMM7, above a working height of 3.5m, QS's were required to separate measures in 1.5m intervals.

For example, 3.5-5.0m; 5.0-6.5metc.

However, because NRM2 has tried to

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How To Apply Limewash




Posted by The Painters’ QS in Limewash

We had a Quick Paint Rate customer asking about rates for limewashing.

As you know, with your Quick Paint Rate licence you get full support, so if there is a rate you can't find,you can give us a call with the details and one of our painting estimators will supply the rate.

It's all part of your Quick Paint Rate licence.

Prior to applying make sure you dampen down the walls. Best thing for this is a garden pump action spray filled with water.

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Why is it that  builders, always try and get the painter to mastic seal the bottom of skirtings and around sockets/switches?

Answer:  So they can pass the 'air test' requirement for the building.

Problem is, this is NOT a painter's job. 

This is a job for a specialist mastic sealant installer using mastic sealant NOT decorators' caulk and yet, builders always want to 'force' the painter to do this work.

It's worth noting:  The m

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Painting Estimating Training




Posted by The Painters’ QS in Estimating for Painting Contractors

If you are a commercial painting contractor and want to learn all about tendering and estimating for larger, commercial projects (not domestic), where do you go to learn about this from current, experienced commercial painting estimators?

We at are unique in that we are painting estimators p

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