OK, so if you're familiar with painting rates, you'll probably know your typical rates for emulsion to ceilings and walls, gloss to woodwork etc.

You may even have a 'guess' at adding a bit to your 'normal' rates to cover for rates when you are travelling at distance to a job and have to allow for extra travel time and fuel for the van?

But what do you do when you have to calculate £/m2 and £/Lm rates for unusual/specialist paints such as Keim products, two-pack pa

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Painters often struggle pricing painting to steelwork especially if they rely on 'guesstimating' on days as their only method of pricing.

The reason for this is there's often lots of  different steel components and at high level, so even if the painter can visit the site to view the works, their 'eye' is often deceived as to the amount of time required to complete the works.

The only accurate way to accurately price painting to steelwork is to measure the works and

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Over the years costing painting projects for painters all over the UK, in terms of pricing, you get a clear understanding of the main differences from one painter to another.

What has struck me is that within each geographical area, the overall daily painter charge on which a painting contractor bases their £/m2 rates is generally the same.

Currently, it can range from £160/day to £200/day depending where you are in the country.

So why, in the s

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Health and Safety for Painting Contractors?




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Did you know paintingestimators.co.uk also provide health and safety services for commercial painting contractors?

1. Help with SSIP Scheme Accreditations (e.g. CHAS, Constructionline etc.)

2. Access to health and safety advice (Competent Person Retainer Scheme):  Also useful when you are being asked where you get your competent health and safety advice from on Contractor PQQ’s or health and safety accreditation scheme applications.

3. Help with RAMS

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Quick Paint rate: Question & Answer




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Question 1: 
I pay my painters for 8hr working day, so I changed the production hours to 8hrs.  Is that OK?

NO!  If you are working a standard 8hr day, with no restrictions, you will always loose 1hr. production due to mobile phones, chatting, smoking and toilet breaks.
Leave the production hours fi

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