I had this question from a Quick Paint Rate user regarding calculating painting rates on an 'out of hours' basis or 'working away'.


What would you say the average extra over cost for working Out of Hours works are?

We do mainly shopfitting and contract works, therefore our costs generally remain the same i.e 7 days a week 10-12 hours per day, na

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Yesterday, I was contacted by a commercial painting contractor who was looking to use us as his company health and safety advisor.  As part of this, I asked him to email over his current health and safety policy.

It looked fantastic!  All the relevant sections, lots of pages and it certainly described all his H&S duties under current UK legislation.

The problem was, nowhere in the policy did it describe how his company actually satisfied these r

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Yesterday, I was talking to a painter who had contacted us about our Quick Paint Rate painting/wallpapering rates calculator software.

It was a conversation I've had many times over the years:  An experienced painter who was looking to develop his business more into commercial painting.

As he quite rightly said,
"If I can get more commercial painting works, I can start to employ other painters and earn more money"

His problem (as it is with all paint

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Painting Contractors: Quality Issue or Simply Bad Plastering?




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Today I was talking to a painting Client of ours.  He was 'tearing his hair out' working for a large national housing developer who was snagging his painting works to walls by shining a light directly onto the walls while standing immediately next to them.

This was picking up all the imperfections in the plasterwork (Did I say imperfections?  I meant to say, rubbish plasterwork!!).

The housing developer was trying to say that the painter had not prepared the su

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I know I regularly post articles relating to the total inadequacy of New Rules of Measurement (NRM2), Section 29, but here's another example of how NRM2 just doesn't work.

Take a look at the photo.
It shows door frames on a job I was doing a re-measure on.

As you can see, we have very wide architraves (irregular surfaces), not exceeding 300mm girth, but with a plain, girth exceeding 300mm door frame lining.
The overall girth was 870mm, (archs were 282m

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