We all know that skilled commercial painters are in short supply.


1. 10 years of recession plus 2 years of COVID, has meant that very few painting companies have employed apprentices in recent years, so as older painters have retired, there's been no-one to replace them.

2. Historically, pay for painters has been lower than other trades so any young person thinking about working in the Construction Industry has picked any trade EXCEPT painting.

3. Pe

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If you are and don't already know or are new to the 'house bashing' game, be aware that on each plot you complete,  5% retention will be held back on your payment.  So for every £100, the contractor will hold back £5.

Sounds OK?  Well, here's the problem:  

On many residential developments, half of this retention is released only upon practical completion of the LAST PLOT OF THE WHOLE DEVELOPMENT and quite often the other half

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The problem here is how to allow for the high level of filling that’s required since it’s way above your ‘average’ amount of filling that you would allow for in a NEW timber surface.

So you need to use Quick Paint Rate in a slighly different way by calculating the rate NOT based on a new timber surface, but based on previously painted timber surface in very poor condition. By picking very poor condition, this will allow for a lot more preparatio

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Painting Rates When Working Away




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It can always be difficult to decide what daily painter charge to base £/m2 and £/Lm painting rates on when pricing a project that involves ‘working away’.

Had this question from a painting contractor who uses Quick Paint Rate

Hope you find useful.

Painting Contractor Question:
‘Bit of a random one but what do you think I should be charging for labour
only for working away, also what do you think I should be paying my

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I can't believe in recent weeks how many painting contractors  I have spoken to all over the UK  who have been offered to take over a new build housing development because the current painter is getting 'kicked off'.

Why's the painter getting kicked off?

Quality and keeping up with programme of course!!!!

The House Builder complains that they can't get decent painters, but is the painter no good or is it a simple case that in their

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