As you know provide estimating services for painting contractors of all sizes, all over the UK.

Some are VAT registered and some are not.

The problem for any commercial painting contractor NOT VAT registered, is that when calculating your painting rates, because you can't claim the VAT back,  you need to add the 20% VAT to your material purchase prices.

Now if you are NOT already VAT registered, it is highly likely that, compared

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Just had a very interesting talk with a QS regarding measurement of wallpapering works.

The big question is how are window reveals measured?
Neither SMM7 or NRM2 really provide any clarification. SMM7 says wallpapering should be measured in m2 if the area is greater than 0.5m2 and by number if less than or equal to 0.5m2. NRM2 says to measure in m2 if the area is greater than 1m2 and by Lm if the area is less than or equal to 1m2.

All that is fine, but

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The are lots of reasons why a painting contractor may want to use a quantity surveyor to help them with pricing, but why do painters particularly like us?

It's because all our estimators are from painting contracting backgrounds and have an in depth knowledge of painting contracting that a general Q.S. just doesn't have.

This is invaluable when pricing painting projects.

The number of times I have spoken to new customers who have contacted us for the first time a

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Here's the scenario:

Painter 1:  Young person, just finished their NVQ level 2 and has passed the CITB Health and Safety Test.  Total lack of experience but has a Blue CSCS card.

Painter 2:  Experienced painter with over 10yrs working as a commercial painter (but NO NVQ) and has also passed their CITB Health and Safety test.  Fantastic site painter but only has a Green CSCS card.


Painter 2 is restricted to working on sit

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I know we painters are not the best at 'paperwork', but many of the problems faced by all painters, but particularly 'house bashing' painters, is that they do not obtain the necessary signed documentation from the Principal Contractor prior to commencing and completing decorations to each plot.

Consequently, painters regularly start work in plots before they are actually ready, become liable for poor plastering/taping and jointing and are forced to carry out re-decs because they ne

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