Estimating For Painters:  To Tender Or Not To Tender?  That's The Question

I recently had this question in from a small painting contractor that was looking to use us to price a larger painting contract:

Hi Mark,

'A building contractor has sent me tenders to a fair few decs in the area.  I don’t really want to spend a fortune having it priced and also waste your time, what’s your thoughts on this sort of tender: Worth going through with?'

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Painting Contractors: Do I Grow My Business Or Stay Small?




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Painting Contractors:  Do I Grow My Business Or Stay Small?

It really depends on what you want long term. The larger you get, the higher your earnings (hopefully!)

The price you pay, is the extra time and stress involved in running a larger painting contracting business.

What I know for sure, is that if any painting contractor is to develop and grow their commercial painting contracting business, there are TWO things that are essential:

1. You can price Bo

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