Rates for painting to door frames which have the intumescent strip already installed




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We had this question from a Quick Paint Rate user:

We give a £/Lm rate for painting door frames, but now they've fitted intumescent fire strips into the frame lining that we have to cut in 3 times, would you have rate in mind?

Painting Estimator Reply:

You’re right: It takes a lot longer to cut in to the intumescent strip installed into the frame lining.


The materials part of the cost will be the same: It’s the labour and subsequent OHP allowances that will increase.


If we look at a each coat, is it unreasonable to say it will take 30mins longer per coat to paint a standard single door frame with intumescent strips installed?


Based on this and the three coats you are applying, it means the linear metre rate used must allow for this extra 1.5hrs overall.


On this basis, if painting both sides of the door frame, I would double the door frames, standard £/Lm rate in Quick Paint Rate.


It’s a slight ‘overkill’ on materials but gives you enough for the extra labour time.


The big question is: Will the Client be prepared to pay for this or will another painter simply ignore the fact the intumescent strips are installed and take the ‘hit’?



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