It's very simple:  If you want to expand your business, you need to know all about measuring painting works from drawings and how to calculate all-in painting rates.

Without these skills, you will always be held back, relying on either pricing by guesstimating the number of days or a Principal Contractor Q.S. produced bill of quantities.

The problem with guesstimating is that the larger, more complex the project, the more likely it is that you will get t

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Painters: 'House Bashing': Who'd sign up?




Posted by The Painters’ QS in Estimating for Painting Contractors

Yesterday I was contacted by a Client of ours.  They were being offered a job and were being asked to sign up to the Contractor's Inclusions List and asked if we'd take a look.

It contained the usual unreasonable clauses:

1. Unlimited snags (all risk contract).

2. Painter to snag plastering.

3.  Painter to remove radiators if required to paint behind.

4. Painter to caulk around light switches.

5. Painter to caul

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