Mastic Sealant To Skirtings and Around Sockets/Switches is NOT a Job for Painters.




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Why is it that  builders, always try and get the painter to mastic seal the bottom of skirtings and around sockets/switches?

Answer:  So they can pass the 'air test' requirement for the building.

Problem is, this is NOT a painter's job. 

This is a job for a specialist mastic sealant installer using mastic sealant NOT decorators' caulk and yet, builders always want to 'force' the painter to do this work.

It's worth noting:  The mastic sealant looks great for a short period of time.  However, for the new homeowner, this will become a problem.

Firstly, the mastic to the skirting will eventually start to lose adhesion and 'lift' from the flooring.  When re-decorating, the home owner will then have the problem of having the cut the sealant out before they can start re-decorating.

Secondly, what do they do if they want to replace light switches or sockets?  Again, they will have to cut out the sealant.

So unless they replace the sealant, the whole point of applying it in the first place will be completely lost:  ALL to pass an 'air test'!!!

NEVER sign up to install the mastic sealant even if the builder has tried to include it in their inclusions list. 

You MUST specifically exclude this in your tender letter when you submit.

DO NOT get ‘bullied’ into doing this work by the Site manager or Project Q.S..  Providing you have excluded the item in your tender letter and have NOT signed the ‘inclusions list’ to say you will do this work, you do not have to carry out these works.

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