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If you are a commercial painting contractor and want to learn all about tendering and estimating for larger, commercial projects (not domestic), where do you go to learn about this from current, experienced commercial painting estimators?

We at are unique in that we are painting estimators purely from painting contracting backgrounds.

We measure and cost all types and sizes of commercial painting projects.

So, unlike a general QS, we really do know about commercial painting contracting.

We offer a ONE day Tendering & Estimating course for commercial painting contractors where we come to you (in your home or office) and deliver the training on a one to one basis.

The course covers:

1. Where to start with a tender when first received.

2. Tender documents: The different types of documents/drawings and what information you can find on each document/drawing type that help identify the decoration works required.

3. How to measure painting works from drawings (digital and paper)

4. How to cost your measure using ‘all-in’ rates.

5. Writing your tender submission letter.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our website:  www.painting or give us a call in the office (Number is on our website).

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