How to price painting projects - Introduction




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How to price painting projects -Introduction

There are basically TWO methods of pricing painting works:

Method 1:  Estimating/Guesstimating the number of days required to carry out the work and material quantities required.

Method 2:  Measuring all the painting works and applying your 'all in' painting rates.

There is nothing wrong with Method 1, particularly for small projects or projects that break down into small locations.  
However, for larger or more complex projects, or projects with unusual, high cost specifications, Method 1 should not be used since there is a high risk that your estimate will be either far too high, meaning that you don’ secure the tender, or too low, resulting in significant losses.

Over this series of tutorials I intend to look at things like:

1.  How to calculate paint rates
2.  How to measure painting and decorating works.
3.  How to price main contractor bills of quantities.
4.  Tendering and estimating software for painting contractors.

What qualifies me to talk about pricing painting and decorating works?

I started my working life as an 'indentured apprentice painter and decorator and 35 years later, have experienced working as a painting contractor, painting contracts manager and finally as a specialist Painting and Decorating Estimator.

As part of my current work, I measure and price works for small, medium and large UK Painting Contractors all over the country and for projects such as 'new build', 'refurbishment', 'shop fit', planned maintenance and historical buildings ranging from a few thousand pounds to multi-million pound painting contracts.

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