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Pricing larger painting projects is very different from pricing domestic works or smaller commercial painting projects.  The shear size and complexity of a larger painting project means that the 'Guesstimating' method of pricing, based on number of days plus materials, is NOT suitable since there is a high risk that your 'guesstimate' will be 'too far out'.  You could be too high, in which case you're unlikely to secure the project, or too low, in which case you may well win the project, but then go on to make a 'loss'.

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, the only way of accurately pricing larger paintig projects is to measure the works and apply your 'all-in' unit rates.  You may already have seen this if you have ever priced Main Contractor bills of quantities.  The bill of quantities is effectively a summary of the measure to which the painter then applies his/her 'all-in' unit rates.

This puts many painters off from pricing such works.  However,  the bottom line is, if you ever want to expand your business/increase turnover, you need to be securing this type of work.

This presents a problem to the painter.  Namely, even if you have completed an apprenticeship, or even gone on to do a BTEC National or Higher National course, no-one ever shows you how to measure painting works for pricing purposes or how to calculate 'all-in' unit rates.  UNTIL NOW THAT IS.............

All our estimators here at panddonline are from a painting background and have bags of experience measuring and pricing painting works of all types and sizes, for contractors all over the UK.  We plan to assist painters to learn all about estimating, how to measure and calculate painting rates.

Here's how:

1. We've already started to post a series of estimating training videos on Youtube.  Tutorials 1 & 2 are already there, so take a look.

Youtube links are:

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

2.  We have developed a very easy to use painting rate calcualtor software package called Quick Paint Rate.  It's been developed in our offices here and allows your to calculate painting rates to any day rates and your own material prices.  Totally unique, utterly fantastic!!!!

Youtube link:


3.  We offer estimating training days, where we come to your hoe or office and deliver a ONE day estimating training course.  More details are on this website, or give us a call to discuss.


There's a lot to show you, but stay with us and we'll show you all about tendering and estimating for painting contractors.



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