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It can always be difficult to decide what daily painter charge to base £/m2 and £/Lm painting rates on when pricing a project that involves ‘working away’.

Had this question from a painting contractor who uses Quick Paint Rate

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Painting Contractor Question:
‘Bit of a random one but what do you think I should be charging for labour
only for working away, also what do you think I should be paying my painters per day?'

My Reply: Based on 2021 costs:
In terms of what to pay your painters, I would suggest £160-£180/day per person

If the project you are pricing restricts you to standard 8hr day (with 7hr production hours), I would say £160/day.  However, some shopfit painting jobs, allow you to work longer shifts (10-12hrs), so you may pay £180/day.

So, typical overall total daily painter charges to base rates on when working away is £325-£350/day (This gives an allowance for accommodation of between £65 and £85/day per person and extra

Currently (2021):  If you are using Quick Paint Rate, just enter £325 or £350 in the daily painter charge field.  You then need to look at the production hours field in Quick Paint Rate.  If you want to base the rates on a standard 8hr. working day with 7hr production, keep the production hours field at the default 7hrs.  If you want to base the rates on a 10-12hrs. day, change the production hours to 10 or 10.5hrs.  

Click on the ‘calculate’ button and Quick Paint Rate will calculate your £/m2 and £/Lm rates on this basis.


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