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Painting Contractors:  Are You Looking For A Fixed Price Estimating Service Carried Out By Commercial Painting Estimators Who Are From Commercial Painting Contracting Backgrounds AND Only Price Commercial Painting Projects?

We are a small painting estimating company who work for commercial painting contractors all over the UK, measuring and costing all types and sizes of painting projects, ranging from a few thousand to £1M plus packages.

As part of our service, we also carry out site re-measures and offer health and safety services.

Why Use Us?

1. We offer a very competitive FIXED PRICE painting estimating service.

2. Unlike a general QS, we are all from commercial painting contracting backgrounds and only price commercial painting projects.  We understand commercial painting contracting.

If you would like to know more about our painting estimating service, give us a call (Office:  01782 835764) and ask for Mark or take a look at our website:




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