How to cost painting to NEW panelled stair balustrades (that look like Victorian panelling) that are covered with nail gun holes AND have gaps all around the beadings used to form the panels. So a lot of filling work to do.




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The problem here is how to allow for the high level of filling that’s required since it’s way above your ‘average’ amount of filling that you would allow for in a NEW timber surface.

So you need to use Quick Paint Rate in a slighly different way by calculating the rate NOT based on a new timber surface, but based on previously painted timber surface in very poor condition. By picking very poor condition, this will allow for a lot more preparation in the £/m2 rate.



1.  Firstly, measure the area (m2) of each side/face of the panelled Balustrading.

2. To calculate the £/m2 rate: Given the amount of prep you were talking about, we need to slightly change how we would use Quick Paint Rate to calculate the £/m2 rate.  Even though you have new, bare timber, calculate the rate based on previously painted, very poor condition. This will allow for a lot more prep that new surfaces option.

3.  Select, sand/fill plus 4nr. Coats (Allows for primer plus 3nr. Coats).

4.  Key in paint pack cost and coverages.

5.  Enter your overall Daily Painter Charge.

6.  Click on ‘Calculate’.

7.  Use the ‘Panelled Door’ rate as this is the one I would also use for timber wall panelling and panelled balustrades like the ones you have.


Hope this helps.


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