Painting to New Build Housing Developments: It's the same story all over the UK




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I can't believe in recent weeks how many painting contractors  I have spoken to all over the UK  who have been offered to take over a new build housing development because the current painter is getting 'kicked off'.

Why's the painter getting kicked off?

Quality and keeping up with programme of course!!!!

The House Builder complains that they can't get decent painters, but is the painter no good or is it a simple case that in their desperation to secure the project, the painting contractor has simply put in plot prices that are just too low?

At the end of the day, the subbie painter has to earn a living, so the first thing to go is level of preparation and care over paint application.

Then the painting contractor struggles to supply the site with sufficient painters because the plot prices he is offering are just too low, so the site team complains that the painting contractor is falling behind their programme.

Who do I blame?

1. The painter because by going so low, they spoil it for themselves and all other painters who are pricing at the right level.

2. The House Builder because they know when prices are too low, but still award the contract and then wonder why they have problems!!


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The Painters’ QS