Painting Contractors: Do I Grow My Business Or Stay Small?




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Painting Contractors:  Do I Grow My Business Or Stay Small?

It really depends on what you want long term. The larger you get, the higher your earnings (hopefully!)

The price you pay, is the extra time and stress involved in running a larger painting contracting business.

What I know for sure, is that if any painting contractor is to develop and grow their commercial painting contracting business, there are TWO things that are essential:

1. You can price BoQs and know about all-in painting rates

2. You can measure and price projects from drawings.

Quick Paint Rate was built to help painters get over the issue of all-in painting rates and pricing BoQs

In relation to measuring and costing projects from drawings, we have three things that will help:


1. BidScreen XL: Drawing Takeoff Software

2. Tendering & Estimating Training Day

3. Painting Estimating Services.

At the end of the day, you have to invest at the tendering end of your business, if you are to grow.

It's funny, painters are more than happy to invest in an airless unit that speeds up site painting, but not in the very things that will enable them to secure more work and grow their business.

So where do you want to be10 years from now?

Sole Trader or Large Painting Contractor?

The choice is yours


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