£/m2 and £/Lm Painting Rates: What Do Painting Contractors Do For 'Unusual' Paints and Wallpapers?




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OK, so if you're familiar with painting rates, you'll probably know your typical rates for emulsion to ceilings and walls, gloss to woodwork etc.

You may even have a 'guess' at adding a bit to your 'normal' rates to cover for rates when you are travelling at distance to a job and have to allow for extra travel time and fuel for the van?

But what do you do when you have to calculate £/m2 and £/Lm rates for unusual/specialist paints such as Keim products, two-pack paints, anti-graffiti paints, or even Dulux High Performance Eggshell?  What about rates for wallpapers with different purchase costs and paper sizes?

A lot of painters just 'guess' and hope they're right, but this is all 'guesswork' which is always 'high risk' and can lead to 'financial loss' on a project.

In this modern age, this simply isn't good enough!

Professional Commercial Painting Contractors need to have a 'Professional' Painting/Wallpapering Rating System that allows you to calculate accurate, competitive £/m2 and £/Lm rates for ALL types of paint  and wallpaper specifications AND to YOUR daily painter charges and YOUR material purchase costs.

So, don't just invest in the operational side of your business:  INVEST in how you actually get your work in:  INVEST in the pricing side of your business.

After all, another airless spray unit might get the job done quicker, but if you don't have the work in the first place, or lose money on a project because you 'guessed' the price wrong, what's the point?

Take a look at our Professional Painting/Wallpapering Rating Software:  QUICK PAINT RATE

Developed by ourselves based on all our years working as commercial painting estimators for painting contractors all over the UK.

QUICK PAINT RATE is the best Professional rating software for commercial painting contractors anywhere.

Take a look:  It might be just what you need to help develop your painting contracting business.

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