Commercial Painting Contractors-THREE Things That Make You LESS Competitive?




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Over the years costing painting projects for painters all over the UK, in terms of pricing, you get a clear understanding of the main differences from one painter to another.

What has struck me is that within each geographical area, the overall daily painter charge on which a painting contractor bases their £/m2 rates is generally the same.

Currently, it can range from £160/day to £200/day depending where you are in the country.

So why, in the same area, can painting rates vary so much from one painter to another?

1. Many painters do not know how to calculate £/m2 rates, so they just use rates that someone has given them.

2. Paint purchase prices vary considerably from one painter to the next. Basically, the more you buy, the cheaper the paint. So, for small size painting contractors, their £/m2 rates tend to be higher to reflect their higher paint purchase prices.

3. Finally, VAT. Small size contractors may not be VAT registered so when calculating their rates, need to add 20% to their already high material prices. NOT being VAT registered is an advantage for domestic painters but NOT for commercial painters.

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