Commercial Painting Contractors: What will prevent you from expanding your commercial painting contracting business?




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Generally, for any small commercial painter or domestic painter looking to expand more into commercial painting, the truth is, the main barrier to you expanding your business is the fact that that Principal Contractors expect you to price tenders they send over (even if they are only pricing the project themselves) and for you to be able to price from drawings or bills of quantities.

And here lies the problem.

Most small commercial painters/domestic painters are only able to price projects they can go and see, by guesstimating on days plus materials.

The fact is, this lack of knowledge will always be a barrier to expanding your business.  Some painters 'bury their heads in the sand' and try and tell themselves that learning these skills is 'useless' and 'not needed'.

For others, the 'penny drops' and they find a way of learning these skills or finding someone to help them price.

I guess you take your choice, but there is no doubt that if you have these skills, you significantly increase your chances of expanding your commercial painting business.

Where can you find someone to help?

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