Painting Contractors: Don't Bury Your Head In The Sand!!!




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For many painters, the normal method of pricing is to go and look at the project and guesstimate the number of days.

Problem is:  For many painting projects, this method of pricing is not feasible or very 'risky'.


1. At the time of tendering, the new building is not built so you have to price from drawings but don't know how.

2. The Contractor may have given you a bill of quantities but you have no knowledge of £/m2 or £/Lm rates.

3. Even if you can visit the project, on large/complex projects guesstimating on days is very 'risky'.  Quite often there is a tendency to under-guesstimate.

So what do you do?

Well, you could go and learn how to measure and cost jobs from drawings.

You could purchase Quick Paint Rate painting /wallpapering rates calculator software to help you with the £/m2 and £/lm rates.

And here is where the problem lies.

For some reason, the mere mention of  the above has painters burying their heads in the sand, thinking I don't want learn or it will be far too hard to learn.

And yet, without these skills your business will always be held back, struggling to accurately price larger more complex painting projects.

We at can help you.

What are you waiting for?


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The Painters’ QS