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I had this question from a Quick Paint Rate user regarding calculating painting rates on an 'out of hours' basis or 'working away'.


What would you say the average extra over cost for working Out of Hours works are?

We do mainly shopfitting and contract works, therefore our costs generally remain the same i.e 7 days a week 10-12 hours per day, nationally.

I am tendering a few more 'local' jobs at the moment, on NHS medical centres and the like, and are being asked to supply 2 rates, Nightshift and Dayshift.

I always thought the nightshift rate would be time and a fifth, maybe time and a quarter?
Would this differ if hours were say 6pm to 1am, 6pm to 6am or 10pm to 6am, or any other variables? or any higher rates over the weekend on nightshift, or dayshift if Practise closed?

Any advise would be most welcome, my lads seem to think time and a half and double time over weekend, but that would be impossible to cost up without a program etc, and i think it would be to high!!

My Reply:

1.    Shopfit Painting (Working Away)

The average daily painter charge for shop fit painters is £330.40-£334.00/day based on a 12hr. shift with 10.5hrs production.

Painter is paid £15.00/hr x 12hrs = £180/day (prime labour cost)

Add your OHP onto the prime labour cost (28%-30%)

=£230.40 - £234.00/day

You then need to allow for:

•    Travel:  Say £15.00/day (which over 5 days will pay for the outward overall journey):  Over a week, will give £75.00 per person travel allowance.
•    Fuel (depends where you are), but allow £10.00/day/person (Based on 2 painters in van).  Over the 5 day week this will give you an overall weekly fuel allowance of £100/week (based on 2 painters going to the job)
•    Accommodation:  Allow say:  £65.00 day/person
•    Food Allowance (if given):  Say £10.00/day

Overall Total:  £330.40 -£334.00/day

IMPORTANT:  When using Quick Paint Rate for pricing shopfit painting based on a 12hr. shift, you will need to change the Production Hours fom the default 7hrs. to TEN hours

2.    Out of Hours Working:

Traditionally, out of hours working was paid at time and half for Saturday/Evening Works and double time Sunday.  HOWEVER, today you will really struggle to secure work based on double time and the best you will get is time and a half.

To calculate your daily painter charge based on ‘time and a half’ use the Daily Painter Charge Calculator in Quick Paint Rate (Located by the Daily Painter Charge Question).  When you enter the prime labour cost (i.e. how much you are paying the painter) multiply your normal hourly rate by 1.5 (to allow for the time and half bit).  After that, continue to work your daily painter charge out in the normal way using the Daily Painter Charge Calculator.

I would also recommend that you take a look at the ‘training video’ which is also in Quick Paint rate by the Daily Painter Charge question (click on the ‘red’ triangle).  It’s a little bit long plus you’ll see my ugly face, but apart from that it’s full of really useful information that you can’t get anywhere else.

Don’t forget:  If you are unsure about anything, give us a call and one of our painting estimators will answer your questions.

It’s all part of your Quick Paint Rate licence!!!

Happy Estimating



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