Painting Contractors: Health and Safety Policy-A Practical Approach




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Yesterday, I was contacted by a commercial painting contractor who was looking to use us as his company health and safety advisor.  As part of this, I asked him to email over his current health and safety policy.

It looked fantastic!  All the relevant sections, lots of pages and it certainly described all his H&S duties under current UK legislation.

The problem was, nowhere in the policy did it describe how his company actually satisfied these requirements in real, practical terms.

I called him and said that it looked like it had been written by a health and safety professional who had never worked in the construction industry and was basically just a long list of all their legal duties.

Over the years, I've seen loads of this type of policy, written by so called external H&S professionals, who know all the law, but never take the time to find out how the company they are working for, manage health and safety in real, practical terms so that they comply with legislation.

So, if you're a painting contractor needing help with H&S and want to talk to a H&S person who is both from a painting background AND uses a 'common sense', practical approach to H&S


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