Painting Contractors: Quality Issue or Simply Bad Plastering?




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Today I was talking to a painting Client of ours.  He was 'tearing his hair out' working for a large national housing developer who was snagging his painting works to walls by shining a light directly onto the walls while standing immediately next to them.

This was picking up all the imperfections in the plasterwork (Did I say imperfections?  I meant to say, rubbish plasterwork!!).

The housing developer was trying to say that the painter had not prepared the surface properly and that this was a 'quality' issue!

I should say at this point that after mist coat, the housing developer's site manager had signed our client's 'pre-plaster inspection sheet' stating that the plastering was acceptable and that the walls were ready for finishing decorations.
The walls were subsequently finished under task lighting.

You know the scenario!!   It always ends in either the painter 'walking', or the developer threatening/bullying the painter with the usual 'either do it, or we'll bring in other painters and counter charge' routine.

And where are the plasters in all of this?

Happy in the knowledge that they have been paid and the developer is so scared of upsetting them that they try and get the painter to do the works for 'free'!


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