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I know I regularly post articles relating to the total inadequacy of New Rules of Measurement (NRM2), Section 29, but here's another example of how NRM2 just doesn't work.

Take a look at the photo.
It shows door frames on a job I was doing a re-measure on.

As you can see, we have very wide architraves (irregular surfaces), not exceeding 300mm girth, but with a plain, girth exceeding 300mm door frame lining.
The overall girth was 870mm, (archs were 282mm & frame liner was 306mm), so under NRM2, the overall item should be measured in m2 (5.2 x 0.87 = 4.52m2)

Measuring/Pricing Door Frames For Painting

The problem is  that from a costing point of view, it would be far more helpful to the painter if the door frame was measured as follows:

1. Measure the architraves separately, irregular sufaces, n.e.300mm girth in Lm (2 x 5.2 = 10.4Lm).
2. Door Frame lining, girth ex.300mm in m2 (5.2 x .306 = 1.59m2).

The problem for the painter when pricing door frames is further compounded by the fact that some QS's measure to NRM2, some measure each side of the door frame separately as a ne300mm girth and some measure lining and architraves separately.

So if the painter is looking at a BoQ, they always have to check with the QS how they measured the door frames.

Surely the whole idea of having a set of rules of measurement for the construction industry is:

1. To provide uniformity, so that all quantity surveyors and esimators across the UK are measuring items of construction work in the same way and,

2. To measure in a way that items can be accurately identified and 'rated'/priced.

This is to the benefit of both Client and Contractor.

So come on RICS, it's time to revise NRM2 and make it the meaningful document it should be rather than a document that simply makes QS's lives easier!!!!

Mark-Painting Estimator


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