Why Painting Rates Books Just Don't Work




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The problem with rating books such as Spons, Wessex (and others) is that they do not take into account:

1. Your Daily Painter Charge (which will vary according to where you are located in the UK, the travel costs to the project and how keen you are to secure the project).

2. Your Material Purchase Prices:  Paint prices vary considerably from contractor to contractor according to the volume of paint your purchase over the year from your supplier.  Wallpaper prices vary even more due to the number of manufacturers/patterns available.

3. Are you VAT registered or not:  If not, then you have to add 20% to your material prices to cover the fact that you can't claim back the VAT.

4.  Rating books are limited in both the items of work and specifications they list rates for.

There is nothing you can do about this:  It's just the natural limitation of a rating book.

However, there is a solution.

Quick Paint Rate painting/wallpapering rates calculator software.

Quick Paint Rate gives you the power to calculate painting rates to YOUR daily painter charge, YOUR material purchase prices and to any specification.

Quick Paint Rate:  The BEST and only painting/wallpapering rates calcualtor software available.

Quick Paint Rate has been developed by painting estimators company panddonline Ltd.  Importantly, all the painting estimators who have developed Quick Paint Rate are from a painting contracting background and currently work as painting estimators for painting contractor all over the UK, so you can be confident that all the information you re getting is from experienced, competent painting estimators.

Each Quick Paint rate licence also comes with technical and estimating support so you can call or email your estimating question and one of our painting estimators will give you the best advice.

So what are you waiting for?

Quick Paint Rate


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