Painters Are Skilled Practical People, But This Is NOT Enough To Be A Successful Painting Contractor!




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Painters quite rightly take a lot of pride in learning the skills of their trade, from apprentice to experienced trades person.

Many go on to build small painting businesses.  A few of these expand and employ other painters.

Fewer still go on to become larger painting contractors employing anything from 15 to 50 painters.

However, most painters are held back by their unwillingness to accept that being a good trades person is not enough.

The truth is that to be a successful, large painting contractor, you have to develop more 'academic' skills such as:

1. How to measure and cost painting works from drawings.

2. How to calculating painting rates

3. Estimating principles

4. Contractural procedures

We painters are 'practical' people and we would rather 'walk across hot coals' than learn about such things.

But, don't fool yourself.  In this modern Construction Industry, without learning about these things in the same way as you learnt your 'trade', you will always be held back IF your aim is to develop a large painting contracting business.

So, to give yourself the best chance of building a large, successful painting contracting business, take the time and effort to acquire all of the above skills.  It may not be pleasurable, but it will certainly be 'profitable'.

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