How to Price Pricing Painting to Railings and Stair Balustrades Using Quick Paint Rate




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When pricing painting to stair balustrades or external railings, you should measure the railings (m2) and multiply the m2 quantity by the appropriate £/m2 rate.  It is important to note that stair balustrades and railings should be measured ‘flat, both sides’.

For example: If you have a 50m run of railings at 1m high, the measure/quantity would be: 2 x (50m x 1m) = 100m2

You would then multiply this quantity by the appropriate £/m2 railings rate shown in Quick Paint Rate according to the type of railings.

The same thing applies when pricing stair balustrades. Watch out though. Some bill of quantities descriptions do not measure stair balustrades/railings correctly and you may be caught out.

Example: Take a look at the BoQ description shown below: M60: PAINTING/CLEAR FINISHING Prepare, touch up primer and apply eggshell / satin paint system Plain open type balustrading; to steel, previously primed Girth > 300mm; measured flat one side

Qty: 126.00 m2

See anything wrong?


Take another look.

The QS who measured this has only measured the balustrading ‘ONE SIDE’, instead of ‘both sides’. So, in this example, when using Quick Paint Rate, you would need to DOUBLE, the rate shown to cover for the fact that the balustrades have only been measured flat, ONE SIDE.

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