Who Uses m2 and Lm Painting Rates to Price Works?




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When pricing painting projects, painting contractors fall into two schools:

1. Those who use m2 and Lm painting rates against a measure of the items of decoration works.

2. Those that 'guesstimate' based on an estimate of the number of days to complete plus materials.

Nothing 'wrong' with either method.  However, the larger, more complex the project, the greater the risk of making a mistake when using the 'guesstimate' method.

If you are pricing a medium-large commercial painting project, the only way of accurately pricing is to measure the items of decoration works and apply m2 and Lm rates.

So why do painters stick to the 'guesstimate' method?

The principal reason is that it is easy to use and is based on the painter's experience:  No new skills to learn with this method.

Measuring and applying rates means that the painter has to learn how to measure from drawings and how to calculate painting rates.

Problem is, as a painter you are never taught these skills.

Until now!

For help with:

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2. Estimating Training for Painters Course
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4. Digital Drawing Takeoff Software: Bidscreen XL
5. Health and Safety for Painting Contractors


Happy Estimating

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