Should painters have to snag plastering works?




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Why have painting contractors suddenly become responsible for snagging plastering/taping and jointing works?

Increasingly, Principals Contractors (PCs) are trying to get painting S/Cs to sign up to snag plastering/taping and jointing works before they proceed with their decorations.

Even worse.  Once the painter has signed to say that the plastering/taping and jointing is OK, suddenly, he becomes fully responsible for the quality of finish.

Why does the Principal Contractor do this?


1. He saves money by not having to pay for his employee to snag the plastering/taping and jointing.

2. By removing responsibility, the Principal Contractor ensures that he will not be hit with any 'extras' from the Painting S/C, regarding extra prep to badly plastered/taped and jointed ceilings/walls after he has already paid the plastering/taping and jointing sub-contractor or can't get them back to snag their own works.

So as usual it is a 'win, win' for the Principal Contractor, at the expense of the Painting Sub-Contractor.

And the plastering/taping and jointing S/C?  They get away with 'murder'!!!

My advice?

Never take on a painting contract (no matter how keen you are to secure it), where you are being asked by the Principal Contractor to snag the plastering/taping and jointing works.

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