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YES and here's why!

Painting rates are based on THREE factors:
1. Painter Labour Outputs: E.g. How many square meters of block can a painter mist coat in a day?
2.  Your Daily Painter Charge:  What you need to charge per day to cover YOUR labour costs (what you pay subbies), travel costs to a project and your company overheads and profit.
3. Your Material Prices

Labour outputs will not vary whether the painter is in the UK or any other country.  A competent painter applies paint and hangs wallpaper at similar speeds. 
These labour outputs are all in the 'back end' of our Quick Paint Rate software and form the basis of the rate calculations.

You can't use the same rates for all project because what does vary from painter to painter is:
1.  Your Daily Painter Charge:  This will depend on:
(a) Where you are located in the country - how much you are paying your subbies. E.g. some areas yo can get subbies for £100-£110/day, others £120/day, others £130-£140/day and yesterday a contractor in the far North (highlands) of Scotland said he had to pay £160/day to get a decent subbie.
(b) Project Travel Costs: Even within the same company, your travel costs will vary from project to project.

2.  Your Material Prices:  Paint purchase prices vary from painter to painter.  Your rates have to be based on what YOU are paying NOT some other painter.


The CRITICAL things that you need to consider when using Quick Paint Rate are:
1.    Make sure your Overall Daily Painter charge is ‘competitive’.  Sometimes what you think you should be getting is just too high when compared to other painters in your area.  If you use too high an overall daily painter charge to calculate your rates will come out too high
        IF IN DOUBT:  Give us a call for advice:  It’s all part of your licence.
2.    Make sure you get the best Material prices out of your suppliers.  Don’t speak with the branch manager.  ALWAYSask to speak with your rep.  They have more power to give you the lowest prices.  Obviously for commercial painting, you really need to be VAT registered, otherwise you will strugggle to be competitive against other VAT registered painters.

Quick Paint Rate is unique:  It allows you to calculate rates according to:
1. YOUR Daily Painter Charges.
2. YOUR Material Prices

Quick Paint Rate:  The best painting rate calculator software anywhere in the world!
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