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P&D Online Ltd has been appointed by Vertigraph Inc in the USA as sole re-sellers of various construction industry take off software, for the United Kingdom.   P&D Online Ltd specialises in selling quality construction takeoff software to assist the construction industry to convert from the laborious manual approach of taking off quantities, to a paperless, electronic generation of quantity extraction

P&D Surveying Services Ltd are experienced quantity surveyors and over the past three years utilised Vertigraph's Bidpoint XL (combined with a digitizer for paper plans) and Bidscreen XL (the electronic version) systems to improve on the time and effort in measuring quantities for Bills of Quantities. We were so impressed that we established P&D Online Ltd, with the specific aim of extending usage of Vertigraph take off software to anyone needing to both extract quantities from  drawings and have a fully traceable/auditable measure.  The systems are suitable for use by Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers.

Due to the low capital costs, the fact that the systems fully integrate with Microsoft Excel and with Adobe Standard 9 can seamlessly read a variety of electronic drawing formats, the applications are a necessity to any user in the industry, looking to dramatically reduce the take off time and eliminate the need to print off drawings.

Vertigraph's history 


In February 1991, Vertigraph was incorporated and immediately acquired all of the rights and source code to the BidWorx Takeoff and Estimating software, a high level assembly, database driven program. 

To respond to customer requirements, requests and technological advancements a new, improved, rewritten BidWorx for Windows was subsequently released. This new BidWorx for Windows was designed and incorporated many emerging technologies into a powerful takeoff and estimating application. BidWorx for Windows featured Excel compatible takeoff spreadsheets that were linked to customizable high level assemblies with a powerful custom report writer. Many contractors enjoyed the powerful database features of BidWorx for Windows but many more liked the ease and simplicity of digitizing measurements from paper blueprints directly into the Excel style spreadsheets. 

It soon became clear that many professionals were better off using spreadsheets to automate their takeoff and estimating process rather than costly database driven applications being pushed on the industry. To respond to this unmet need for easy, low cost digitizing into an Excel workbook, BidPoint was released in 1997. The BidPoint application was created from the digitizing spreadsheet portion of BidWorx for Windows. Although BidPoint had the look and feel of Excel, it was not truly Excel; it was Excel compatible. Many estimators wanted to digitize measurements directly in Excel. As a result, BidPoint XL was released in 1999. BidPoint XL, an Excel add-in application raised the bar for digitizing software and it became an immediate success. It was the first and still is the only application that digitizes quantities from blueprints directly in Excel. Now digitizer tablet takeoff capability was easier with a substantially lower cost and worked directly in the professional's desired application, Microsoft Excel. 

As BidPoint XL became the market leader in the industry, many of our general contractor customers and mid size excavation contractors suggested that we utilize our digitizer technology to develop a 3D modeling program for calculating cut and fill volumes for site excavation. As a result, SiteWorx was designed, developed and quickly generated high customer satisfaction. Like BidPoint XL, SiteWorx was easy to use with a substantially reduced cost when compared with the other software being sold to the industry. 

Historically, construction plans were represented on paper blueprints. If soon became obvious that the cost of plan distribution and estimating was more expensive than it should be due to the creation and movement of the paper blueprints. Technology was emerging that allowed contractors to distribute digital files instead of paper blueprints. By distributing digital files, the cost of doing business would be greatly reduced. In 2001, Vertigraph released BidScreen XL. BidScreen XL an Excel add-in application combined powerful on-screen digitizing technology with Microsoft Excel. And like BidPoint XL, BidScreen XL quickly developed a loyal and growing customer base. In September of 2001 the US Army Corps of Engineers considered BidScreen XL one of the top quantity takeoff products in the industry and recommended it for use for its Cost Engineering function. 

After the successful release of BidScreen XL, Vertigraph adapted it's on-screen digitizing technology to site excavation. In the third quarter of 2007, Vertigraph released SiteWorx/OS. Today, many estimators have migrated to our on-screen SiteWorx/OS software and enjoy the paperless takeoff of the plan files directly from the computer screen. 

Not only has Vertigraph been a leader in developing and bringing to market the latest technology but we also aggressively support and upgrade our product portfolio. With Vertigraph you'll not only receive the finest solutions available but you also the commitment that the software will advance with the customer's needs and will incorporate the latest technologies as they develop. We seek to develop long term partnership relationship with all of our customers. 

Vertigraph's accomplishments 

Vertigraph proactively responds to customer requirements and technological developments. The following is a list of Vertigraph accomplishments: 
First to develop an integrated high level assembly database application that utilized spreadsheets for calculating the quantity takeoff with BidWorx for Windows. 
First to develop digitizer tablet interface for MS Excel with BidPoint XL 
First takeoff and estimating software vendor that aggressively promoted Microsoft Excel as the leading and often the preferred takeoff and estimating solution. 
First to develop on-screen measuring from PDF, CAD and raster files directly in MS Excel with BidScreen XL. 
Historically one of the largest distributors of large format digitizer tablets in the world. 
The leader in reducing the cost of digitizing solutions industry wide. 
Industry leader in developing low cost cut and fill software with SiteWorx. 
First to develop on-screen digitizing from files for 3D modeling of cut and fill quantities for site excavation with SiteWorx/OS 
First to bundle and offer Adobe Acrobat with our on-screen digitizing software to insure full compliance with all PDF files.
Leader in providing transparency to the industry. Still one of the few developers that clearly discloses cost of ownership and pricing on its web site. 
Leader in providing education, customer satisfaction and outstanding product support to the industry. 

Vertigraph's mission 

Vertigraph's mission is to greatly exceed customer expectations and to provide superior tools that add substantial operational, financial and strategic value to your business. Our aim is to create products with craftsmanship that are easy to use and feature rich. We seek to provide not only the best value proposition in the industry with an unmatched return on investment but also unmatched customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.



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